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From: Ardeshir Mehta, N.D. (
Date: Tue Nov 13 2001 - 21:45:41 EST

Hi there:

Scott David Gray wrote:

> 1: Does it matter? Is a child who has absorbed less of the
> traditional curriculum (who, for example, never memorized
> the dates of major Civil War battles, and who never read
> Shakespeare's Anthony and Cleopatra) really going to be hurt
> in life?
> 2: The stuff that they do in traditional schools is
> incredibly easy. Consider learning to read. Reading
> consists mostly of deciphering a 26 letter code. If you've
> ever studied a foreign language with a non-Latin alphabet as
> an adult, you know that it takes only a few _days_ to learn
> to read (Cuneiform Hieroglyphics and Kanji excepted).But
> the schools spend years on learning to read. How hard can
> it be to catch up?

But that's not ALL that is taught in a regular public school. Among
the other things taught there, which are not at all easy to learn, are:

1. To sit silent and still for extended periods of time, doing stuff
    that really, really bor-r-r-r-r-r-r-ing,

2. To do as you're told without even thinking of arguing back,

3. To Read, Remember and Regurgitate (sometimes referred to as
    "The Three R's"),

4. To put off present possibilities for pleasure to a more and more
    distant future, and

5. To value what others (viz., so-called "superiors") think of your
    achievements more than what you think of them yourself.

Note also that, as a character on the British TV show "Yes,
Minister" once said, all this is excellent preparation for working
life, especially as an employee of the government or a large corpo-
ration! All this is PRECISELY what you're supposed to do there

Scott added:

> The hardest thing to learn in life is
> how to manage one's own time -- and it's much harder to
> learn _that_ in a traditional school.

Darn right. THIS is preparation for how to run your OWN life,
and not have it run FOR you by others.

Ardeshir Mehta
Ottawa, Canada

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