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dawn, i've been reading some of the recent posts. here's a couple of stupid questions: if you embarrass a parent into not hitting their child at the moment, what do you think will happen to the child after? you feel like a righteous heroine for the moment, sure...but what about the kid? isn't there something offensive and scary about people who use their children as a poster child for the parent's political and personal agendas? smacks of yuppie objectification to me. do you really think that raising the tuition for families with more than one child will help sudbury valley? or are you just trying to get rid of the riffraff? or is this just a blatant case of economic discrimination? do we want just "professional people" at sudbury valley? put your "diversity" where your mouth is. at school assemblies i listen to some members waffling on & on about how people have to be more "sensitive to diversity" bla bla bla well, how about economic diversity? how about the single mother who chooses to be an artist and wants the same rights for her children as you want for your child. should she be penalized because of this? should she be excluded and discriminated against? you say you don't understand why you "are a magnet for these crazy parents"...there's that old story about when a pickpocket goes to visit the dali lama all she sees is pockets. you seem to be defending your right to not apologize for your behavior, you just got to call it as you see it. but can you extend that privilege to others? you talk an awful lot about "how you know you are right". believe it or not, some people just want to send their kids to sudval because it's the only sane place for them to go. it's been in existence for quite a long time and has done perfectly fine without the highbrow knowledge and input from professional people with "extensive experience with teens". please. if it ain't broke, don't try and fix it. leslie (unprofessional artist with no qualifications and asker of stupid questions) also sudval parent.


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