Re: How We Come Off to Others (was RE: re[2]: DSM: democratic classroom)

From: Highland (
Date: Mon Nov 12 2001 - 11:02:51 EST

  I've had students ask me stupid questions - especially students fresh
out of years of traditional education. I'm sure I've asked more than a
few myself. I've enjoyed your straightforward responses on many issues,
but I wonder whether you use the same style in all situations.
  I too often confront parents hitting their kids in grocery stores or
other public places. A couple of years ago I was swimming at the Y when
a life guard hit her child. I got out of the pool and asked her why she
didn't pick on someone her own size (or something equally confrontive).
She apologized for "upsetting" me, but clearly saw it as my problem not
hers. The next day I made an appointment with the aquatic director, sat
down with her and discussed (in a calm and nonthreatening manner) the
problems inherent in kids being hit at theY. During the conversation
she told me that staff often hit their children in classes or other
places. I persuaded her to take the issue to the Board of Directors
which she did. They voted to forbid staff from using corporal
punishment on their kids while working for the Y. If I had approached
the aquatic director the way I did the life guard, I doubt that much
would have been accomplished. Since that day I haven't seen a child hit
at the Y. Candy


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