Re: DSM: degrees of illusionary freedom

From: Alan Klein (
Date: Thu Nov 08 2001 - 06:16:03 EST

Point taken, Joe. I was not purposefully using the word "veto" in an
inflammatory way and will refrain from doing so in the future.


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From: "Joe Jackson" <>
> You seem to be saying that the majority has "veto power" over the
> minority in a democracy.
> My reaction would be "that's the whole point!"
> To me the discriminating feature of a democracy is that an individual or
> small group of individuals cannot assert their will over that of the
> majority.
> Though I think there's a certain amount of spin power in the word "veto"
> when held against the wishes of children, isn't the reality that "veto
> power" of the majority is what differentiates a democracy from a
> dictatorship?


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