Re: DSM: degrees of illusionary freedom

Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 23:24:57 EST

Yes, this helps considerably. I don't know much law, so I've got to think
about the notion of the corporation members including the students. At the
school at which I teach, the board of trustees is the legal entity. by its
bylaws, the board delegates everything to the head, and he delegates teaching
and so forth to teachers etc. the students attend, but are not part of the
corporation. the notion of students as incorporators of their own
educational institution is a little hard for me to grasp. But I'll keep
reading the group.
In a message dated 11/7/01 9:45:26 AM, writes:

<< Legally, Sudbury Valley School is a non-profit corporation.
As with any other corporation or individual, it is subject
to the prevailing laws of any place in which it does
business (Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, US).

I hope that this helps,


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