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From: Alan Klein (
Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 12:14:24 EST


Thanks for the greater clarity re the Assembly. One last question: If you
were to add the staff (all adults, I presume) to the parents, how does the
adult/child (broadly defined) ratio stand in the SVS Assembly?

I apologize for not quoting back all of your argument. I quoted back the
part to which I was responding. I didn't then, and don't now, see the
paragraph you mention below as having bearing on my point. I also don't
recall claiming that your argument was incomplete. I was also not talking
about armed forces. Please enlighten me further, as I seem to be suffering
from denseness today.


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From: "Scott David Gray" <>

> On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, Alan Klein wrote:
> > I never said there was a "problem". I was attempting to show that there
> > exist entities that are adult controlled outside of the SM that can
> > "veto power" over the SM, at least in extreme cases.
> >
> > I disagree that parents' control of the purse strings does not
> > give them control over the school as a whole. I am not speaking of an
> > individual parent, but rather of the parent group as a whole. If they
> > decided to change the school's system, they might well convince enough
> > their kids that it would be in their own "best interest" to go along.
> > they could pull out en masse and leave the school with no students.
> As I wrote in the very next paragraph of my message (which
> you failed to quote back, or respond to):
> "I don't think that any person has suggested that it's
> unfeasible for outside forces to destroy democracy in one of
> these schools. Just as an armed invasion by Italy could
> destroy the democratic structures in San Marino. To have a
> _precarious_ democracy is not synonymous with having
> day-to-day choices made and power held by the outside
> authority with physical might.
> It is helpful to quote back the words of others that you
> disagree with. It keeps the debate honest, and helps people
> to avoid making the same arguments over and over with
> different words. Please, in the future, do not quote back
> only a portion of my argument and then critique my argument
> as incomplete!


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