Re: DSM: degrees of illusionary freedom

From: Alan Klein (
Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 10:09:05 EST

I actually think that you and I are in substantial agreement (perhaps
"violent agreement"), Scott. I do not see the classroom I ran in the 1970's
in a public school as being equal to a democratic school. Nor, though, do I
see it as equal to the traditionally run classrooms in the same school. Nor
do I see it as some kind of greater evil because I somehow lied to the kids.

I take your point that the Assembly has more SM members than otherwise,
though the math escapes me somewhat. Do two parents count as two votes or as
one in the SVS Assembly?

I never said there was a "problem". I was attempting to show that there do
exist entities that are adult controlled outside of the SM that can exert
"veto power" over the SM, at least in extreme cases.

I disagree that parents' control of the purse strings does not ultimately
give them control over the school as a whole. I am not speaking of an
individual parent, but rather of the parent group as a whole. If they all
decided to change the school's system, they might well convince enough of
their kids that it would be in their own "best interest" to go along. Or,
they could pull out en masse and leave the school with no students.


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From: "Scott David Gray" <>
Alan wrote:
> > Ultimately, the monetary power is held by the parents, as they can
> > not to pay the tuition.
> Monetary and legal power over an individual student is held
> by her/his parent(s). But not over the school as a whole.
> Did anyone ever maintain that the "American Family" is or
> could be democratic?


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