RE: How We Come Off to Others (was RE: re[2]: DSM: democratic classroom)

From: Joe Jackson (
Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 04:04:42 EST

> but they were just
> promoting another type of brainwashing. As though a model
> based on the US justic system is going to give children some
> kind of freedom!

The model isn't based on the U.S. justice system. It's not based on any
justice system. Different schools have different justice systems. The
schools are based on the students and staff choosing the justice system.

As far as different education models in the future, I'm sure ther will
always be people that think another model is better than Sudbury. There
have always been people around the world that think there is a better
form of governance than democracy, even within the US and AU. So I
agree with you there.

And democracy is brainwashing? I don't get that - more information
please? The model's been around a few decades, and I've never heard
"brainwashing" as one of the critiques of it. Fill me in because I
would be concerned if there was an apect to the schools which
brainwashes people, and would want to exert my small amount of influence
to change that.



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