RE: DSM: Startup funding (was: Almost Democracy

From: Joe Jackson (
Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 04:04:42 EST

> Mike Sadofsky wrote:
> > Christopher,
> >
> > I must have missed a lot in the founding years at Sudbury
> Valley when
> > your " independently wealthy sponsors" were there to make
> the school a
> > reality. Let me assure you, there weren't any!
> Well, since you were there, it was probably me that missed
> something. But you know, if I've misunderstood some of my
> reading, you could just correct me without the defensive
> posturing.

I'm reading what Mike wrote above and it sounds like someone countering
an assumption with fact while maintaining a completely cheerful and even
jovial tone. But then again, it's getting awful hard to communicate in
email without offending someone, and I can't speak for everybody.


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