RE: DSM: degrees of illusionary freedom

From: Joe Jackson (
Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 04:04:42 EST

> You imply in your past paragraph that adults do not maintain
> the ultimate "veto power" in democratic schools. This is
> false. Ultimately, since the monetary and governmental power
> resides with adults, so does the veto power.

I do not understand. At Fairhaven, the monetary and governmental power
lies with the students, staff and parents. What do you mean? Our FSI
membership, which consists of the assembly, amends bylaws and votes to
spend money building, etc. Assembly directly spends it's money, as does
school meeting. School meeting decides governance, and legislates.

Can someone explain where these ideas that there are operational factors
in the operation of Sudbury Schools from which students are excluded?
Because that certainly is not the case at Fairhaven. How is it that an
adult has veto power at a Sudbury School, and what gave someone that

Joe (??)


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