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From: Alan Klein (Alan@klein.net)
Date: Tue Nov 06 2001 - 23:57:19 EST


Yikes! We sure did lose track of your request, didn't we! Your problem is a
tricky one. I wonder if you have enough kids to create the critical mass of
interactions necessary for a school to operate. It sounds like what you may
have is more of a "home-schooling group", which is a very different

While I have no experience with a school that small, I do know that, at The
Highland School, I felt that we had better interactions with 25 kids than
with 11.

One dynamic that occurs in all of our schools is the "unlearning" process. I
go so far as calling it "vomiting up the old learnings." I use this metaphor
because the behavior that often results can be quite bizarre and sometimes
violent. Providing a container for this behavior, while at the same time
maintaining the integrity of the school, is a major early challenge for most
democratic schools.

~Alan Klein

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> I am frankly disappointed in the lack of response to my letter posted many
> days ago. I am honestly trying my best to run a school, and after trying
> get some ideas or encouragement, have come up distrusting any of your real
> commitment to helping this model.


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