Re: How We Come Off to Others (was RE: re[2]: DSM: democratic classroom)

From: william van horn (
Date: Tue Nov 06 2001 - 23:55:56 EST

Thanks for responding Dawn. The passionate responses do not bother me,
though I am more of a personality like your friend.

Dawn wrote: but for the most part it seems to me that you are part of the
dominant culture which sees at least some value in the traditional
educational system.

I see very little value in the traditional education system, I'm just not
sure SVS model is the best answer. You seem to be talking about all or

  I haven't worried about whether my child will learn what she
> needs to learn to become the person she wants to become. On this I have
> no doubt whether or not she is home schooled, attends SVS, or most other
> traditional schools. That is not what I worry or care about, although
> time I have come to believe that SVS is the best place for her
> as well. What I really care about is whether she can enjoy as a child
> most of us enjoy as adults, basic civil rights, freedom and liberty.

So, the most basic thing that attracts you to Sudbury for your child, is its
democratic process? That freedom is more important to you than her leaving
school with the best education (defined by the tools to effectively continue
to learn)? (And, as you said, you've come to see the SVS model to be the
best educationally.) The freedom is more important than the education?

I admit that I have been trying to think of the best system for providing
students these tools, rather than providing them with a strictly democratic
system as does SVS. Though Daniel Greenberg has certainly provided a good
argument in his books that SVS is actually the best way to ensure the
development of these tools.

SOmeone mentioned teaching a math class? Did i read that right? Are there
classes set up? How does that work? I would suppose at students' request,
but then what?


William M. Van Horn

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