DSM: frankly disappointed

From: Vserda@cs.com
Date: Tue Nov 06 2001 - 23:10:13 EST

I am frankly disappointed in the lack of response to my letter posted many
days ago. I am honestly trying my best to run a school, and after trying to
get some ideas or encouragement, have come up distrusting any of your real
commitment to helping this model. I think you are all more into discussing
philosophy, to the point of lacking a normal objective view of schooling. Why
does it matter to what degree a school is democratic in one person's opinion?
All I believe that matters is what you believe in yourself, and what is done
for the children in your life (although I obviously believe in trying to free
as many children as possible in my life). Aren't the people here interested
in the SVS model and propagating it, or at least understanding it? Why argue
semantics or categorize people's attempts to make life better for children?
Isn't this the same as labelling, which is something that is inherently
detrimental? Why pass over someone's plea for help and encouragement?
I understand that most of you probably think we are ridiculous for trying to
start a school in this area, but I think the effort was worth it even if we
fail through a lack of support. It is hard to start a school in an
unreceptive area, but we hoped that once the school was running, people would
see it as it really is--a place for children to be themselves--and come to
it. Perhaps you all disbelieve in this?


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