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From: Alan Klein (
Date: Tue Nov 06 2001 - 14:08:48 EST


I agree that "any traditional classroom" is decidedly NOT democratic. I
would not agree that no classroom in a traditional school (broadly defined)
can be, at least in its own bailiwick, democratic (or "almost democratic" as
I have been phrasing it). Did you mean to focus on the school or on the
classrooms within the school?

BTW, I agree with you that intentions are not the final arbiter here, but
rather actions.

~Alan Klein

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From: "Scott David Gray" <>
> But some environments most emphatically can _not_ in good
> faith claim to be democratic. Including, I have been
> arguing, any traditional classroom -- however well meaning
> the teacher is.
> This is a frequent point of disagreement between myself and
> an old friend of mine -- he maintains that _every_ teacher
> is innately sadistic, while I maintain that by far the bulk
> of them mean well and simply don't recognize the harm that
> they are doing. Democratic is _not_ synonymous with
> "meaning well." You will find many party officials from old
> one-party Communist countries who "meant well."


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