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Date: Tue Nov 06 2001 - 11:14:51 EST

On Tue, 6 Nov 2001, Martin Wilke wrote:

> Scott David Gray schrieb:
> > That is to say, most parents at SVS look at the bigger
> > picture. Even if, as an individual, a parent disagrees with
> > a School Meeting decision, s/he knows that his/her kids'
> > happy and healthy development in the context of the school
> > _depends_ upon the sovereignty of the School Meeting. And
> > so, most parents wisely do _not_ attempt to turn SVS into a
> > parent coop. (This does not mean that such attempts don't
> > happen -- in 1968, and again in 1986 the school split over
> > these issues.)
> I think, I have read about some occurrences in 1968. But what happend in
> 1986? And why?

     Why? I think that it is a cycle to which the community
called "the Assembly" is prone. Parents are _not_ part of
the daily community in the school. Most parents are very
happy with what goes on here. But every once in a while,
some group of parents which doesn't want a Sudbury school,
but in fact wants a parent co-op, slowly bands together
gives themselves some support, and tries to change the
school into something that it is not.

     At such points (1968, 1986) when some Assembly Members
have attempted to control the daily life in the school
through motion to the Assembly, School Meeting members turn
out in huge numbers to the Assembly and make the case for
the kind of school we have -- and the parents who wanted
something different pull out of the school, realizing that
they do not have the votes to make the school into a parent

     The _pretext_ in 1986 was a dispute over whether or not
the School should pursue a major PR program (this consisted
of motions to institute a $20000 PR program, whereas
previously the school printed about $200 worth of flyers a
year). The School Meeting had passed the many motions
needed to make the PR program a reality; and the group of
parents who _objected_ to the School Meeting's self
government attempted to thwart the PR program.
     Parents in 1986 fell into four groups: Those who felt
that the PR plan was a good idea, and that it wasn't the
Assembly's business (agreement with the School Meeting).
Those who felt that the PR plan wasn't a good idea, but that
it wasn't the Assembly's business (allied selves with the
School Meeting when it was plain that the School Meeting was
under attack). Those who felt that the PR plan wasn't a
good idea, and that it was the Assembly's business (overtly
antagonistic to the School Meeting). And those who felt
that the PR plan was a good idea, but that it was the
Assembly's business (annoyed at the School Meeting).

> Martin Wilke

--Scott David Gray
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