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From: Alan Klein (
Date: Mon Nov 05 2001 - 18:40:51 EST

I'm not speaking for Candy, but perhaps you just did it.

~Alan Klein

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From: "Joe Jackson" <>
> Candy,
Candy said:
> > The third issue is our need to rank order communities
> > from lesser to higher levels of democracy with democratic
> > classrooms ranking near the bottom and Sudbury Model Schools
> > at the top.
Joe responded:
> I do not believe that this is what has been occurring, and it is
> certainly not a distinction I make.
> In terms of the dynamics of the school environment, I try my best to
> distinguish between schools that are democratic, and schools that are
> somewhat democratic (read schools where students can be overrulled
> and/or can only make decisions about certain things) which to me means
> they are not democratic.
> Could you give some examples of folks rank-ordering schools by democracy
> so I can have a picture of what you are talking about?


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