DSM: RE: Re: RE: Re: Message from [JerryAERO@aol.com]

From: Joe Jackson (shoeless@jazztbone.com)
Date: Sat Nov 03 2001 - 11:37:45 EST

> My ears also responded as Jerry's did to your phrase
> "smashingly hypocritical". It comes across to me as overly
> judgmental

It was certainly not meant to reflect a judgement of a person. To me it
was a funny way of saying that I saw a contradiction in something that
was said.

My wife called me "smashingly hypocritical" and I thought it was pretty
funny. That being said, I'll try to remember that the humor of the
phrase "smashingly hypocritical" is likely lost on others in this
wonderful frame of discourse called email, and refrain from using it.



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