DSM: AOL users: Can you see this? reply to _me_ (not the list), please

From: Scott David Gray (sdg@sudval.org)
Date: Sat Nov 03 2001 - 11:25:31 EST


I want to report to those members of this list who can see
this message (AOL users may not be able to) that we are
having some _real_ communication difficulties with people
whose email addresses are @aol.com (that's about 1/6th of
this list).

Do not assume that every AOL user will be able to see your
messages to this list! AOL has been filtering _some_ of the
messages on this mailing list as SPAM. I am unsure why, but
AOL treats every message resent from this list that
originated at "harkness.net" and many messages resent from
this list that originated at "hotmail.com" (for example) as
spam and kills it.

For people who really want their messages to get through to
AOL readers: We have noted that the silent spam filter on
AOL (which is done by the server -- you cannot turn these
settings off as a user) automatically treats _ANY_ message
that includes dollar amounts and reference to payment
methods as spam and kills it with no warning to either the
sender or the intended recipient.

I _think_ that all AOL users on this list will get _this_
message, however, I want to be sure... If you are an AOL
user and _got_ this message, please direct a reply to me at
sdg@sudval.org... This will help me to debug the problem,
when I write to the aol postmaster account about their
server problems.

The _only_ mail delivery problems without a valid
explanation (e.g. "the account no longer exists") are to
users at aol.com If you are at aol.com, you may want to
consider using a different email address (if you have one)
for this list, or subscribing to the digest (which I believe
is being delivered without problems).

--Scott David Gray
reply to: sdg@sudval.org


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