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From: Alan Klein (Alan@klein.net)
Date: Sat Nov 03 2001 - 10:18:40 EST


My ears also responded as Jerry's did to your phrase "smashingly
hypocritical". It comes across to me as overly judgmental and my reaction is
to either fight or flee, neither of which is conducive to good, substantive
dialogue or even discussion in my experience.

Grizzled veteran or newbie, all are listening. The fact that your words were
directed at Jerry does not to me diminish the potential for turning off

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From: "Joe Jackson" <shoeless@jazztbone.com>
> > > Thank you, Joe, for perfectly illustrating my point. "Smashingly
> > > hypocritical." This is the kind of response I get
> Jerry, I don't understand. I thought your point is that newcomers get
> turned off when they hear discussion about the model, not when
> thick-skinned veterans point out the flaws in each others arguments.
> I don't see how my thinking you contradicted yourself is in any way
> analogous to turning off newcomers vis a vis discussing differences in
> viewpoints, and I don't know how I could have better expressed my
> enthusiasm and admiration for what you continue to accomplish via your
> actions in the education world. I am perplexed at your reaction.


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