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From: morticia crone (
Date: Sat Nov 03 2001 - 03:56:23 EST

hello all,
i haven't read one post by any one person that i agree with 100% but i can
appreciate at least parts, if not the whole, of all posts, however, point
taken dawn - passions run high here and that's cool too. nevertheless,
trying not to be off-topic, i think supporters of different models could be
less antagonistic to one another and still maintain the integrity of their
own personal beliefs and those they work for.

joe wrote:
How can kids be as responsible as adults in the way they approach
problems when, in a conventional school, they haven't the least bit of
choice or options with which to deal with them? That's a very puzzling
statement. If you mean we must all make the best of any situation, then
that's a separate issue, but most kids are not allowed near the
responsibility in their lives that adults are.

hi joe,
i don't mean making the best of any situation - as you say, that's something
different. what i mean is, is that we are all faced with countless choices
constantly. i know that there is loads going on in public - and private
schools, for that matter (i've been to both, plus alternative school, plus
no school, i.e. ditching an entire year, plus getting out of highschool
altogether at 16 and getting into college where the people there actually
wanted to be there and where i had a choice as to what classes i chose to
take - i was so overjoyed at having a choice in what i was learning that it
took several years to begin grumbling about the methods), that is
disturbing, to say the least, but some people, kids, will have access due to
their circumstances to other forms of education, and others simply won't.
this doesn't mean that those who don't will necessarily turn out twisted and
warped - look at all of you (on this list) - intelligent, competent
individuals working hard for what you believe in who i am assuming didn't
attend Sudbury schools yourselves. (if i may be so bold as to make a
sweeping statement) you are who you are because of the choices you have made
in life; the choices you were offered played a role in the kind of choices
you ended up learning (and continue learning) to make, but in the end, it is
you who chose HOW to deal with what you had. that's what i meant with kids
are just as responsible for their choices - their choices being how they are
going to approach life and keep on keeping' on under the circumstances,
whatever they may happen to be. (i think this was a semantic issue regarding
the usage of the word 'choice'.) it is different from making the best of a
situation which implies resignation. take two abused children: one grows up
to abuse in return thus perpetuating the cycle, the other overcomes the
ingrained impulses, works through the abuse of his/her childhood and
consciously chooses not to repeat the pattern. although simplified, maybe
this demonstrates better the point i am trying to make, namely that although
sudbury life must be beautiful, non-sudbury life can't possibly be solely
responsible for the ills of this world; responsibility ultimately lies with
the individual. but yes, yes, i do also believe that the community carries
a large degree of responsibilty, has a duty to its citizens, and my oh my,
perhaps the issue of responsibilty is too large for this forum - sorry if
i've gone too far. i'll just let it be for now...



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