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From: Alan Klein (
Date: Fri Nov 02 2001 - 22:23:43 EST

I (not surprisingly) don't see the hypocrisy, Joe. I think it is OK to
differentiate between Jerry Mintz the educator and Jerry Mintz the editor of
AERO. In much the same way, I differentiate between Alan Klein the staunch
supporter and practitioner of democratic education and Alan Klein the
colleague and sometime mentor/consultant to others in the education field.

Both Jerry and Alan, as educators, believe in, support, and practice
democratic education. Both Jerry and Alan, within the larger education
community, acknowledge that there are all kinds of people who are doing
things that are light years better than traditional education (while even
more light years worse than democratic education). These people can either
be cultivated or they can be ignored or they can be turned off to democratic
schooling. I worry that we all too often turn them off unnecessarily.

I am sorry that you feel chastised, presumably by me, Joe. My intention is
not to blame, but rather to take a look at our PR as a movement.


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From: "Joe Jackson" <>
Jerry Mintz said:
> > At AERO we encourage any approach which is essentially
> > learner-centered, and we
> > want parents and students to know they have choices. No one
> > approach works
> > for everyone.
Joe responded:
> No disrespect intended, Jerry, but I find this comment smashingly
> hypocritical. You believe that a learner-centered approach is best.
> Period. That's an approach.
> AERO, of which I am a member, does not encourage education in general.
> It STANDS for something. "Jerry AERO" STANDS for something, and as long
> as he does, COUNT ME IN!!


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