RE: re[2]: DSM: democratic classroom

From: Joe Jackson (
Date: Fri Nov 02 2001 - 21:37:20 EST

> At AERO we encourage any approach which is essentially
> learner-centered, and we
> want parents and students to know they have choices. No one
> approach works
> for everyone.

No disrespect intended, Jerry, but I find this comment smashingly
hypocritical. You believe that a learner-centered approach is best.
Period. That's an approach.

AERO, of which I am a member, does not encourage education in general.
It STANDS for something. "Jerry AERO" STANDS for something, and as long
as he does, COUNT ME IN!!

Everybody on this list STANDS for something. Some stand for Education.
Some stand for Democratic Education. Some stand for Student-Initiated
Democratic Education. Some just Stand (good 'nuff!). Standing for
things is GOOOOD! Why are we choosing to chastise people for standing
for something today? If someone extolled the virtues of slavery on this
list would you filter your opinions and the passion with which you
expressed them in your response? What's valuable, what's important?

We all have lines that we draw.

The only difference between us all is that we stand for different
things. If someone came on this list advocating corporal punishment in
school, everyone on the list would be on them like cheeks on ass. So it
is bitterly unfair that people like me and Dawn and whoever get scolded
when we object to things that we feel are as damaging as most of the
rest of us feel about corporal punishment.

I just do not accept that anybody objects to the way I or anyone
believes in the Sudbury model simply because the model is comprised of a
narrower range of approaches than are all "learner-centered" approaches.
And I do not think that anyone participating on this list (right now) is
explicitly opposed to Sudbury schooling.

Therefore, I reject calls for people to filter their opinions (and the
degree of passion with which they are expressed) merely on the basis of
whether said opinions are considered to be affirming a somewhat more
general or somewhat more specific methodology.

Come see the violence inherent in the system!! Come see the violence
inherent in the system!! HELP! HELP! I'M BEIN' REPRESSED!!

Joe "Massive Cerebral Hemorrhage" Jackson


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