Re: re[2]: DSM: democratic classroom

From: morticia crone (
Date: Fri Nov 02 2001 - 15:52:06 EST

it's interesting, i think, that on the german sudbury list a quite similar
topic has cropped up at exactly the same time. a woman wanting to start a
free school with a group of parents stumbled upon sudbury and became
fascinated with it, joined the list and wondered if the two start-up groups
couldn't get together. she got banged on the head almost immediately by a
contributor who categorically rejected 'free schools and their underlying
manipulative hypocrisy'. i don't doubt that you all are far more versed in
the subject of sudbury schools than i am, but i was pleased to read from
contributors on both lists that it isn't a thoroughly repelling idea that
certain individuals should be interested in cooperative energy and groups.
i get the point about being halfway isn't quite half helpful -

"little temporary pockets of benevolent mini-democracy found within them,
they will always ultimately destroy what Sudbury schools seek to preserve in
a child"

but i feel like saying that nothing can be destroyed in a child and damage
can be remedied - IF the child is willing. of course i realize this is part
of my belief system, but i found _destroy_ in reference to non-sudbury
schools too extreme. kids are just as responsible for how they approach,
view and deal with a dilemma or problem as anybody else is; according to
their circumstances they'll have varying degrees of difficulty or ease
making their choices.

so, here's to a better world - cheers!



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