re[2]: DSM: democratic classroom

From: Bruce Smith (
Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 23:56:42 EST

At 10:12 PM 10/31/01, Jesse Fisher wrote:
>a class can be self-governing, even if the individuals unfortunately can't be.

Could you please explain how this is possible? How can a group be
self-governing, when the *selves* who comprise the group are not?? Who
exactly is governing what?

Your game represents the same sort of illusion epitomized by so-called
"student government" in traditional schools. They play at the form of
democracy, made an empty shell in the absence of actual power. How can you
justify calling this "a real opportunity to practice self-government"? You
were closer to the mark when you called it a game. All I see it preparing
students for is a life of believing that democracy itself is a shallow game
controlled by a few powerful people.

Bruce Smith
Alpine Valley School


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