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Date: Wed Oct 31 2001 - 09:06:32 EST

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From: Joe Jackson

>There are much, much too many people out there that are hungry for
precisely what our school has to offer for me to waste much time trying to
convince critics.

It is never a waste of time trying to convince critics. Who else is there to

>>If, on the other hand, you are attempting to set up a "Sudbury-like"
atmosphere in a conventional classroom, I cannot really advise you, and good

Sounds like the end of a long hard day Joe!
But luckily there is advice at hand.
Robert van Nood has a set of journals about setting up and maintaining a
democratic classroom within an establishment school.
You can get the e-text; "Welcome to Springfield - Population 23 People" in
various formats, for free, from here:

" Another growing trend that is quite disturbing, is the use of children as
scapegoats. No longer do they „have problems“, they are becoming „THE
problem“. Any society that turns its back on its own children in such a way
shows it’s deep seeded sickness. While we continue to push our children to
grow up faster and faster, we blame them for more of the ills of the
society. While we continue to relinquish our control of our communities and
our country to the will of the moneyed interests, we do little to protect
our youth from the consequences of greed and fear. "

Malc Dow


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