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<< > there was only
> Sudbury Valley. All of these other schools have sprung up and/or
> migrated to the Sudbury model in a very short period of time.
> -Joe

but there were plenty of Summerhill type free schools around back in the
early seventies. Those have now gone. >>

Depends on what you mean: Some of the free, democratic, alternative schools
which were here then and are still here include Grassroots Free School,
Greenbriar School, Highland Free School, Highland School, Clonlara School,
Upattinas School, Headwaters School, Play Mountain Place (guess you know THAT
one!), Contra Costa Alternative School, Cascade Canyon School, the Mead
School, Horizons School, Harmony School, School Around Us, Upland Hills
School, Second Foundation school, The Meeting School, Arthur Morgan School,
the Circle School, Red Cedar School, the New School or Northern Virgina, to
name a few. Some susequently became affiliated with SVS.

Jerry Mintz
Alternative ducation Resource Organization


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