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From: Mark Stafford & Angela Sevin (
Date: Sat Oct 27 2001 - 14:29:40 EDT

Hi, my name is Angela (an infrequent participant, but sometime
listener)... I couldn't help responding on this one:
> Truth is, I often find myself bringing up Sudbury schools and their
> students' freedom in discussions about education. The major argument is that
> kids will goof off if not given SOME structure and that there are SOME
> things that everyone needs to learn, specifically, language / writing and
> math skills. I argue back with what little I know about Summerhill's and
> Sudbury's successes, including quoting Greenberg on how quickly a
> self-motivated student can learn something.
To imply that a democratic school is wholly unstructured is quite
untrue. The democratic "structure" of the school itself, provides more
than enough foundation for discipline, responsibility and learning.
It's just not an "authoritarian" structure such as that offered by the
public schools.



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