DSM: textbook question

From: Alan or Laura Gabelsberg (argable@swbell.net)
Date: Sat Oct 27 2001 - 11:04:59 EDT

Laura G. here from the Houston group (Brazos Valley). We had an issue
come up yesterday in meeting that left me feeling the need to investigate
how other Sudbury's have handled the issue of buying books and/or textbooks.

One of our founder's children has expressed a concern about learning algebra
as he is 13 years old and has just recently been pulled out of public
school. He has said on more than one occasion that he is concerned about
"falling behind" in math by being at Brazos Valley. He is concerned he's
not learning anything. The other adults in meeting suggested that we go out
and buy textbooks (not just algebra, but on all subjects - just to have them
available.) I was very concerned about this because so far - this child has
not explicitly asked for any help (or did he?) in learning algebra. If
so - I don't believe the correct action is to make a blanket purchase of
textbooks that may never get used. It seems premature at this point,
especially considering that our school is still in the founding process and
that this is our first opportunity to face the issue of academic guidance
vs. coercion.

I welcome anyone to share your experiences regarding textbooks and
specifically, what materials did you provide upon opening your schools that
proved good choices and which ones proved to be bad choices. How did you
decide on what materials to provide (if anything) - was this handle by vote
among the founders? What advice would you give to our fledgling group on
the issue of textbooks?

Thanks in advance,



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