From: Liz Reid&Errol Strelnikoff (
Date: Fri Oct 26 2001 - 13:34:14 EDT

> I am looking how to change the system to give the
> opportunities that Sudbury
> allows to everyone other student. I see this as a necessary
> step for the
> growth of our world culture and more personally, my own country (USA).

I think many people on this and other lists have felt similar to how you
do now. And good for you! But what Joe says still holds, when you want
to convince others you must first start with yourself.

Another aspect of free schools that is hard for people to understand is
that there is a certain giving up of the need to be that successful
doctor. I know this sounds rather terrible in today's *culture* but it
is something that goes part and parcel with free schools. Just think of
what most doctor's lives consist of; they work long hours and under very
high stress for pretty good money. To want this kind of job you may
have a desire for money, or you may be one of those self-sacrificing
souls who want to go out and cure the ills of humankind. Free
schooled-kids, from my experience, are often more interested in their
families, spending time with their children, friends, community,
interests, etc. There is a feeling of living in the present that makes
the kind of high-stress long-hours working doctor looking towards an
early retirement with this or that retirement program, a very difficult
lifestyle to maintain. Sure we all want to be rich, but we also
understand the true wealth lies in ourselves and our relations with each

Boy, I'm sounding rather esoteric! Help!

Of course there are all kinds of views, and I haven't taken much time to
write this down clearly. Perhaps someone can come in with a different
view to help me understand what I am trying to say.



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