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Date: Sun Oct 21 2001 - 19:14:39 EDT


Being unfamiliar with the term, I thought about asking you to define
it and contrast it with your understanding of the SVS judicial system.
Instead, I did a quick search on the topic and went to the University
of Minnesota site where I found a paper, Balanced and Restorative
Justice for Juveniles, A Framework for Juvenile Justice in the 21st
Century. Table 1 on page 23 appears to compare "restorative justice"
with "retributive justice." (Unfortunately it is in pdf format and I
don't have the tools to extract and enclose the Table. But here is
the link
Justice and the paper is Bazemore, G., Pranis, K. & Umbreit. M.S.
1997. Balanced and Restorative Justice for Juveniles: A Framework for
Juvenile Justice in the 21st Century. St. Paul, MN: Center for
Restorative Justice & Peacemaking, University of Minnesota.)

Now obviously, I haven't studied the topic, but my understanding of
the judicial system and practice in effect at Sudbury Valley School
puts it very clearly in the "restorative" column. I would be
interested in learning why you apparently reach a different


On Sun, 21 Oct 2001 17:42:22 -0500, you wrote:

>I would like to know what differences there are between schools in their judicial system. I've seen the original at SVS, but my school is trying to do something called "restorative justice committee". Is anyone else trying to do that? If so, how does it work there? If not, what are other different ways to do it?
>Karen Locke


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