Re: DSM: Hello ( real message )

From: morticia crone (
Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 12:53:54 EDT

hello andré, i was just wondering where/how you learned to speak/write such
super english, not being a keen school go-er and all that. do they teach it
early on in school there? here in germany the kids begin taking english in
the fifth grade, although next year the third graders will be the youngest
to get english in school, and i think that is germany-wide. although almost
everyone i know couldn't really learn enough to get on that well. only
those who managed to get lots of practice in it were able to get better and
hang on to it. is this the case with you? sorry if this is getting too
personal and un-SVS for anybody else, i'm just very curious.

ps. anything by john holt is extraordinary reading - he was an un-schooling
and home schooling champion. growing without schooling is a periodical that
he got off the ground in 1977 and they have a website:

good luck



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