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From: william van horn (
Date: Sun Sep 09 2001 - 07:47:04 EDT

> Hey! What a good idea! I could use 66 days off a year. Sounds like
> Malc

Ha! But thats the point. If the students are going to be treated as
humans, so should the teachers. It seems that whatever the teacher does for
their own personal enrichment outside the "school" bounds will be passed
along. But maybe this happens just in an ideal world.

I appreciate Gayle's response. One of my major frustrations in public
school is the us and them attitude. The kids are such dynamic and
interesting people yet most of that is stifled by the structure of the
system. It doesn't work to approach such a person from a place of

Marc (or anyone else directly involved with a Sudbury school), I would also
like to ask you the question Gayle answered:

 ĘI am curious about how a day goes, what does the staff do when a student
is not wanting their attention, does staff ever initiate an action?
Thanks.> ĘWilliam

William M. Van Horn

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