Re: DSM: decisions, decisions!

From: Christopher Weeks (
Date: Sun Aug 19 2001 - 05:09:14 EDT

christy taylor wrote:

> I
> am particularly interested to know what happened to anyone who may have
> attended for a period of time and then, for whatever reason, went back to
> the public school system. Is this even possible? Would the child be too far
> behind in terms of meeting the curriculum requirements?

My worry is whether the child would be too far _ahead_ socially. I recall
somewhere noting that kids did go from SVS to public school successfully, but I
would think it difficult for students who became accustomed to running their own
lives to go back to the controlling environment of the public school systems.

But if I had that option, I'd send my son (and future kids) in a second. I think
the value far outweighs the risk. But heck, I'm weighing the possibilities of
uprooting the family and moving north five hours so that SVS is available.



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