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       Certain nuances in the operation of the school have emerged during the years we
have been in existence that turn out to be very important in defining the school. A
while ago someone gave me a book to read about an alternative school that appeared
to him to be very similar to Sudbury Valley. I read the material I had been given, and
my first reaction was one of horror, because I found the school described in the book
so very different from us that I could not imagine how the person who gave it to me
had ever thought it was similar. Determined to get to the bottom of the matter, I
reread the book and then the answer came to me. So much of the terminology was
similar to the terminology that we use, that if you didn't have experience in
understanding the subtleties of our school, you could easily get fooled into thinking
that the other school was the same. The language was similar; The vocabulary was
similar. It took very close reading to see how fundamentally different the two schools
were. The more I thought about it the more I became convinced that this whole
question is tied up with enrollment too, because I think that the better we are
recognized for what we are, the more likely it is that the people who enroll here will
really want what we are offering . . .
[excerpt: "Subtleties of a Democratic School,"
by Daniel Greenberg,
The Sudbury Valley School Experience, pg. 139,
The Sudbury Valley School Press, 1987.
2 Winch Street,
Framingham, MA 01701, U.S.A.]

David Rovner rovners@netvision.net.il

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>After the discussion I remember someone mentioning this college from the SM
>school in Santa Clara. After I finally looked at it, I thought it would be
>worth mentioning here. I myself found the whole concept interesting - after
>recovering a bit from the 'strict required courses' - yet I suppose if the
>student CHOSE to go to that college, then the whole experience itself would
>be 'Sudbury'.



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