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Date: Sat Jun 09 2001 - 15:41:10 EDT

Hi there:

morticia crone wrote:

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> i just thought i would add to this that every member of a community is
> important. even those who work jobs that we wouldn't necessarily think of
> as working for the good of all. this is neither a statement of support for
> selling out nor for mass corporations, i'm just saying that most of us, in
> our own private ways, do try and offer something for the community at large.
> sometimes the jobs we choose don't enable us to do this in the form of the
> individual impetus but from the position of a link in a chain.

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Indeed. Why should a shepherd's work be less important that
a lawyer's? Why, I think a good lawyer should easily be able
to argue a very convincing case that it is MORE important,
not less!

And of course, if the lawyer really believed his own argument,
he ought to take a pay cut. As a matter of fact that was exactly
what my adoptive father on Kibbutz Tsor'ah, Arthur Abrahams,
did in the late 'fifties -- he had studied to be a lawyer in South
Africa, but chucked it all up to go herd sheep on a kibbutz.

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