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<< it ought to be our hope that our kids whom we have
brought up with considerable difficulty to think independently for
themselves will *not* throw away this precious gift when they
are eighteen, by enrolling in one of these brainwashing centres.

Besides, there are other ways to make a living than getting a job.
Just as one ought to think for oneself, one ought also to earn for
oneself -- not by selling one's self to a large corporation, but by
providing something useful and valuable to humanity as a whole. >>

Hi there,

I don't think that enrolling in a university is bad if one is enlighten
enough to know what is going on. If your children went to "free" schools and
they are not brainwash going in, I don't think university will do much
damage. But then again, seeing clear may cause them trouble with the dogma
you were talking about....

The real trouble is that by the time we go to college, most of us are
brainwashed and it just continues in there. In "Cultural Creatives," Ruben
Nelson, an adviser to Canadian exec and gov officials is quoted as saying:

"So now most people are in some measure what the marketplace tells them to
be. We even counsel our kids in terms of career training, that they in fact
should be their career. Rather than saying to them, 'For God's sake, be a
person, and then be sensitive to what it is you are called to on this earth,
and have a vocation.' But we don't do that. What we do is career-counsel and
teach people to manipulate their lives externally. And [we say that] if you
have a good career path, then you're going to live well."

One day, when I was in high school, our career counselor went around the
class telling us students what she thought we would be good at. When she got
to me, she said that she saw me at the lady flipping the letters on Wheel of
Fortune. I thought she was a little nuts; I sure did not look like "Barbie"
and I had no intention of become a "star." Besides, no offence to Miss.
letters on the show, but I thought I had more brains than that and I wanted a

What's funny to me today is that 6-7 years down the road, I was on TV almost
everyday but I was reporting the news. Shortly after, though, I moved to the
states and I was going to lose my desire for doing news because of "who" or
what the boss is.

In TV news, the giants have it all figured out. As a reporter, you can't make
a decent salary until you move up the markets. That, in most cases,
unfortunately becomes the goal. The problem is that most reporters never get
to really know the communities they cover, which takes years.

I've been in Louisiana for six years and I've seen so many different
reporters come and go on the news, it's crazy! And, it does not make for good
reporting. Most of what we have here is government news. They get a report
from the gov., they find someone who agrees with it and they put it on the 5
o'clock; that's what cheap, fast and easy. Much like lunch at the big M. :-)

It will take people making different decision in their lives for things to
change. I intent to do my part. In fact, I've decided to go back for a PhD,
which I never thought I would, just so I could go rock the "academic boat" a
little and have fun with it. Besides, with the fellowship I was awarded,
going to school will pay me just about as much as a "job" at the local TV



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