Re: DSM: "Sudbury Universities"

From: morticia crone (
Date: Sat Jun 09 2001 - 04:31:56 EDT

hello ardeshir,

"I also think that it is the people who will have to lead: the "leaders"
will have to follow. (Funny, that, what?)"

there is a belief amongst some aboriginees that every person must at some
point in their life take each position in a line: leader, second lead,
third, middle, follower, last. i think this is a valuable tool for
understanding the changes we must all go through over time.

"Just as one ought to think for oneself, one ought also to earn for
oneself -- not by selling one's self to a large corporation, but by
providing something useful and valuable to humanity as a whole."

i just thought i would add to this that every member of a community is
important. even those who work jobs that we wouldn't necessarily think of
as working for the good of all. this is neither a statement of support for
selling out nor for mass corporations, i'm just saying that most of us, in
our own private ways, do try and offer something for the community at large.
sometimes the jobs we choose don't enable us to do this in the form of the
individual impetus but from the position of a link in a chain.

for what it's worth :)
cheers, morticia


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