DSM: sudbury open??

From: morticia crone (medea9mac@surfeu.de)
Date: Fri Jun 08 2001 - 09:57:46 EDT

hi, this isn't about summers, i was wondering if anybody could point out the difference, if there is any, between a sudbury model school and the current form of "open" school. from my readings of john holt's work i've gotten an idea of "open" schools from a couple decades ago. i'm asking because it looks as if we will be moving to a town with the option of "open" public schooling. another alternative school option within the public school system is the spanish immersion program. when i asked the girls whether they would like to go to school in spanish and english they were both thrilled. they are already bilingual and i think it could only be a boon to speak a third language, and the similarities between english, spanish and german would make for a relatively cohesive experience. but we will now have to choose. i am awaiting pamphlets that will explain in more detail about the alternative schools of the area in question, but i thought maybe someone here could clue me in on the differences/similarities between modern open schools and sudbury. any takers?
-morticia :)


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