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From: william van horn (
Date: Fri Jun 08 2001 - 08:40:15 EDT

> > Actually I just couldn't understand the philosophy of 'conversation as
> > education' and then the school year still starts and ends the same as
> > mainstream schools. As if education, learning, community and
> > have an on/off button.

William writes: From a teacher's viewpoint, I welcome the months off in the
summer to concentrate on my own studies, i.e. art. It seems that
university instructors are expected to be active practitioners in their
field, but primary and secondary teachers' field is "teaching", and not the
subject they are theoretically teaching. Is this different for Sudbury
model schools?

Actually, I'm curious how the role of staff at Sudbury schools works in a
practical sense. Are people hired as teachers according to their expertise
in particular subjects? Say, a person was hired because they were
knowledgeable in general science, math and general carpentry? What are the
teachers doing when not responding to a request form a student, or does this
keep them busy?


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