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From: Malc (dow@first-ask.de)
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I forward a mail from Jerry Mintz, AERO -

I think it would be really wonderful if people on the group could take a
little time and e-mail the Mayor of Taipei City (address below) asking him
to reconsider his decision to close this unique school.
It could just be a few lines...
C.c. your letter to the school.
The school would so appreciate it, and remember, Amnesty International has
worked wonders with writing letters', so we could all contribute in a
meaningful way to keeping the Pei Cheng Autonomous Experimental School alive.

Again please, a small amount of time to help like minded people could go a
long way.

I also attach at the end the Auto Reply from the Mayors office, to give a
favour of his priorities.

Malc Dow

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>Subject: <aerolist> Fwd: Help An Alt. School in Taiwan
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>What can we do to help this school? For those who don't remember, Yoshi is a
>researcher in Japan who has worked at Summerhill and recently visited the
>AERO office in New York.

>Dear Jerry,
>I met a wonderful group of people in Taipei when I visited there
>last week. They are running an alternative secondary-level school
>in the city, but in trouble to carry on their practices.
>For details, pls refer to the following message that I have just
>received from them. They say that the present officials in charge
>of the free school may well concern about international voices.
>I hope that some kind of pressure will go to the officials with
>carbon copy to the address of the school, so that they can take
>an action with international supports.
>Please try to send their voices through the international network
>that you think best.
>They are the only alternative school at the secondary level in
>Alternative Edcuation Researcher,
>NIER, Japan
>-----Urgent 'HELP Message' from Taiwan-------
>*A Free School in Danger *
>Dear friends, 6/1,2001
> We are the teachers & students from Pei Cheng Autonomous
>Experimental School, the first free learning middle school ever
>established in Taipei, Taiwan. Much emphasis of the school has been
>placed on: Democracy, Love and Freedom. Its goal is to develop in its
>students a sense of independent learning and enthusiasm in search of the
>truth. Our school is small but well organized. It was originally
>promoted solely by a small group of enthusiastic parents & teachers, and
>since 1998 it has gained the financial support and has been supervised
>by the Bureau of Education of Taipei City.
>For the past three years, the general evaluations to the school
>conducted by the Bureau of Education have given us quite good ratings on
>developing students' independent thinking and motivating students'
>academic studies.
>Our former mayor, Chen Shui Bien, and his team of workers wholeheartedly
>advocated the school, while our present mayor, Ma Yin Chiu, has not been
>supportive. The policy that new students' registration is not being
>allowed from the year 2001 on, unfortunately, was declared in Jan, 2000
>by Ma's government. Without new students, the school will encounter a
>major schooling management crisis. The worst of all is those students
>who stay without new schoolmates are actually mentally labeled or
>isolated. After many rounds of tough negotiations with Taipei City
>government officials, there is still no sign indicating that they will
>revise the policy. We think it is unwise of Ma Yin Chiu to make a
>decision like this. It not only inhibits the diversity within the school
>system in Taiwan but also retards the development of a democratic
>Now our dear friends, we do need your help. By June 15th, 2001, we
>strongly urge you to support us in the following way: please send an
>e-mail directly to our mayor Ma Yin Chiu, or please contact us to get
>more information.
>Mayor Ma Yin Chiu
>Pei Cheng Autonomous Experimental School
> Sincerely,
> All the Ts & Ss from Pei Cheng

Mayors Auto Reply:
Dear Friend,
Thank you for using Mayor's Mailbox.
E-mail has shortened the distance between us, allowing us to communicate
with you easily and personally. This medium has clearly broken down the
traditional barriers of time and space as well as the walls created by
bureaucracy and a complex organizational structure that have stood too long
between the citizens of Taipei and Taipei City Government. In fact the
Mayor's Mailbox reflects the new people-centered approach to the city's
services to which I am committed.
My goal is to build Taipei into a world-class city, and an efficient
information infrastructure (Jet 21) will be at the core of this effort. For
example, there will be nine CityLife Networks enabling people from every
walk of life in Taipei to have fast and easy access to information and
communication. This ease of communication will help us understand and care
for each other better so that together we can transform Taipei into a city
that offers its people the confidence, security and comfort that
characterizes "good neighborliness." Thank you for contacting me - my staff
and I will give time and thought to your suggestions and comments.
With kind regards and best wishes,
Ying-jeou Ma
Mayor of Taipei


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