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From: Joe Jackson (
Date: Wed Jun 06 2001 - 17:51:23 EDT

> I have only visited one Sudbury school (Fairhaven), and was
> under the impression that there are core hours during which the
> students are
> expected to be present (starting at 9 maybe, I don't remember), but I may
> have misunderstood, and this also may not be common for other schools.

At Fairhaven one is only required to attend 5 hours between 8 AM and 5 PM,
there's not a particular time when students are required to be there, unless
they are on JC which is at 11.

Reasons Fairhaven doesn't open in the summer:

- Running the school is exhausting. While the idea of year-round school
came up before we opened, it basically hasn't since we've been open. Only
this year are we doing a few weeks of summer school with extremely limited
enrollment due to there only being a couple of staff willing to do it. So
essentially the staff is not willing to work year-round straight, and I am
not in favor of either burning out staff or having second-stringers do a
summer program.

- 25% more tuition. That's about $1700 per student for those keeping score
at home.

- Lots of students go out of town in the summer, so attendance would be
sparse. Besides, parents don't generally want to pay during the summer when
their kids aren't attending all the time.

- I think people like having kids home for a couple of months a year.

- Summer's good for capital & infrastructure improvement projects.

While closing for the summer stems from a tradition, I don't think that
necessarily makes it a bad idea :)

Joe Jackson


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