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From: Susan Starling (
Date: Wed Jun 06 2001 - 15:56:14 EDT

> That'd be my question, too. I mean, my question WAS purely innocent, and
> didn't mean to stir up one of those inbox-clogging brouhahas at which this
> list seems to excel :-) but I'm curious, now.
> I'm a single father of two kids, and I do NOT get summers off, so the
> question is a complex one for me; would it be better to have them in a
> Sudbury school when I'm not home, or with the neighbor/babysitter and not
> school AT ALL, just playing?
Didn't think I'd ever be contributing to an "inbox-clogging brouhaha," :)
but here goes:

"Just" playing? Do you mean that, or was that the kind of slip I often make
as well based on my own years of brainwashing?

That's not an easy question though. What do your kids want? All I can say is
that I have very fond memories of my long summers at home running around the
neighborhood all day (back in the safe suburbia of the 70's) and wish that
my kids could have that too. However, even if I could manage it with work,
summer vacation here in Germany is only 6 weeks and even that I have to
split with my ex. Good luck with your decision though (if you do have to
make a decision, that is, and the question is not just theoretical).

Susan Starling


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