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From: Susan Starling (
Date: Wed Jun 06 2001 - 15:41:15 EDT

> oops.. I guess the positions of the paragraphs made it seem like the
> brainwashing belongs to the parents not wanting to have a summer school.
> Actually I just couldn't understand the philosophy of 'conversation as
> education' and then the school year still starts and ends the same as
> mainstream schools. As if education, learning, community and friendships
> have an on/off button.

> A school that emulates life and democracy but closes for the summer is
> the confusion I have with the whole paradigm shift.

Then I see what you mean. From that perspective, it would make sense to have
"school" all year. However, I think many families like the idea of having
time "off," even if what there taking off from is altogether a good thing
and an integral part of life, and just being able to live a little
differently for a while, maybe take a trip or just hang out at home with
their children. But I'm not really qualified to offer an opinion on whether
this also applies to familes with children at Sudbury schools. Unfortunatley
we don't have one here in Berlin (yet), so my daughters are at a "normal"

> As far as first thing in the morning.. I can't understand why you say
> that. I'm not sure of any SMS that keeps STRICT hours of attendence.

That may be. I have only visited one Sudbury school (Fairhaven), and was
under the impression that there are core hours during which the students are
expected to be present (starting at 9 maybe, I don't remember), but I may
have misunderstood, and this also may not be common for other schools.



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