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From: Mitch Berg (
Date: Wed Jun 06 2001 - 14:51:29 EDT

> > Other parents were not really interested. Mainly because a good portion
> > of the parents are from two-parent/only one works households - and they
> > saw it themselves as having the summer off without having to drive back
> > and forth to school.
> >
> > I guess thats the part of mainstream brainwashing that hasn't broken
> > through even such a radical paradigm as Sudbury.
> Excuse me for butting in here (been mostly lurking for quite some
> time), but
> what's "mainstream brainwashing" about wanting to spend a relaxing summer
> with your kids without having to adhere to a schedule and drive back and
> forth? I can certainly understand those parents anyway and don't
> see why it
> would be detrimental to the children either.

That'd be my question, too. I mean, my question WAS purely innocent, and I
didn't mean to stir up one of those inbox-clogging brouhahas at which this
list seems to excel :-) but I'm curious, now.

I'm a single father of two kids, and I do NOT get summers off, so the
question is a complex one for me; would it be better to have them in a
Sudbury school when I'm not home, or with the neighbor/babysitter and not at
school AT ALL, just playing?

>Although I am not part of the
> category you mention of two-parent households with one at home, I
> certainly
> appreciate the (unfortunately not too often) times when my kids don't have
> school and I also don't have to work, and part of that is certainly not
> having to get up and be someplace first thing in the morning. Or did I
> somehow miss your point?

Yeah, I wonder about that, too. Summers at home may be an artifact of an
agrarian time, but they can be a very NICE artifact. Isn't time at home, on
their own or with the parents, just as good as time spent in a Sudbury
school in the long run? Or do some of you eschew even THAT much parental

Possible missed points duly admitted in advance.

Mitch Berg
Mean Dad
Saint Paul


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