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Date: Wed Jun 06 2001 - 14:39:10 EDT

>Excuse me for butting in here (been mostly lurking for quite some time), but
>what's "mainstream brainwashing" about wanting to spend a relaxing summer
>with your kids without having to adhere to a schedule and drive back and
>forth? I can certainly understand those parents anyway and don't see why it
>would be detrimental to the children either. Although I am not part of the
>category you mention of two-parent households with one at home, I certainly
>appreciate the (unfortunately not too often) times when my kids don't have
>school and I also don't have to work, and part of that is certainly not
>having to get up and be someplace first thing in the morning. Or did I
>somehow miss your point?

oops.. I guess the positions of the paragraphs made it seem like the
brainwashing belongs to the parents not wanting to have a summer school.

Actually I just couldn't understand the philosophy of 'conversation as
education' and then the school year still starts and ends the same as
mainstream schools. As if education, learning, community and friendships
have an on/off button.

A school that emulates life and democracy but closes for the summer is
the confusion I have with the whole paradigm shift.

SVS has a summer program that, from what I understand, still limited in

I was expressing the reason why most of the parents in the Cedarwood
School didn't want one - hence why it wasn't going to work at that
particular school. I didn't mean to appear to be editorializing on their
choice. I have no judgement either way on their choices.
mea culpa!

As far as first thing in the morning.. I can't understand why you say
that. I'm not sure of any SMS that keeps STRICT hours of attendence.



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