Re: DSM: RE: discussions

Date: Wed Jun 06 2001 - 13:10:05 EDT

>Which begs ONE question - do SVS model schools close for the summer?

>>Ours does. As far as I know, they all do.

Cedarwood Sudbury in Santa Clara, CA does not. I lobbyed for one myself
because I don't understand how the thought of an education should stop
for the summer and change hands to another form of "education" (be it
summer camp, day care etc.)

Other parents were not really interested. Mainly because a good portion
of the parents are from two-parent/only one works households - and they
saw it themselves as having the summer off without having to drive back
and forth to school.

I guess thats the part of mainstream brainwashing that hasn't broken
through even such a radical paradigm as Sudbury.



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