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<< It's a terrible fate. There may be Sudbury Schools, but there
are no "Sudbury Universities"! >>

I think in most cases "Sudbury universities" are unecessary. Adults, much
like children, can learn on their own and with mentors what they need to
learn to be productive individuals.

I went to college to become a journalist now I almost wish I hadn't. All it
did is brainwash me into the liberal bias of the media in general. journalism
programs are nothing but farms for the mainstream press giants.

I became a journalist because I wanted to find and tell the truth.
Universities don't show journalists how to find the truth and they tend not
to like it when you dare tell the truth....go figure!

Today, I am a journalist but it's not because I have a job in the mainstream
press, it's because I value the ethics of my profession enough not to take
such "job".



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