DSM: RE: Re: Adult interference

From: Joe Jackson (shoeless@jazztbone.com)
Date: Sat Jun 02 2001 - 01:01:48 EDT

> even the SVM schools,
> aren't solely
> responsible for how or the extent to which our children develop
> an awareness
> of their own sense of responsibility of self.

I totally agree with this, in fact I would take it a step further and say
that the SM school isn't responsible at all; IMO the school's job is to
create a space, an oasis if you will, in which the student discovers that
innate desire to exist peacefully with others.

I don't care for N. v. N. conversations either, but I have not seen a
student that, given adequate time in the Sudbury environment, does not
eventually look inward and come to terms with whatever is keeping them from
rediscovering the peaceful, gentle & social nature we all have within.

Thank you for pointing the conversation in this direction, Morticia...

> it can be subtly
> hindered in
> the home, well meaning as we all are. (i am no exception.)

Yes, thank god my children have Fairhaven five or more hours a day to escape
from my loving, yet unintentionally "hovering" presence. The greatest gift
I believe I offer as a father is also a curse, that I just can't get enough
of them!

-Joe Jackson


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