Re: DSM: The Sudbury model -- appropriate for all children, yesor no?

From: Alan Klein (
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 22:34:35 EDT


You write, "The SSU, as it was called for short, was run by a *very* gifted
teacher, Garvin King from Trinidad, who was very strict without being at all
offensive. Cyrus loved him, and he worked such a miracle that by the time
Cyrus was 8 or 9 years of age, his temper
tantrums had completely -- and I mean *completely* -- gone."

I have no doubt about your son's love for the teacher, nor do I doubt the
improvement you saw in his behavior, nor do I doubt the importance of
properly diagnosing true medical conditions. I don't necessarily, though,
draw the same conclusion you did. My understanding of Tourette's Syndrome is
that it is not at all unusual for the individual to get better at
controlling their outbursts as they get older. To credit the teacher for
working miracles may be a bit strong, as well as premature.

~Alan Klein


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