Re: DSM: The Sudbury model -- appropriate for all children, yes or no?

From: william van horn (
Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 22:25:46 EDT

Warren wrote: . If you feel that responsibility is a skill
> or attitude, something that can be "taught", then you don't need anything
> between SVS and traditional schools because that's exactly the way
> traditional schools approach responsibility

The best way of teaching someone something is not "telling" them about it
repeatedly. As an example. you don't teach someone about creativity by
having them remember art history facts. Just because public schools do not
do a good job at teaching responsibility, does not mean that it isn't a
skill. Public schools may be the antithesis of Sudbury, but there may be
other ways to meet the needs of children who do not do well in either
situation. Certainly Sudbury is an ideal situation for many children. I
don't see the public school system being an ideal situation for ANY student.

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